Introducing the Rocket City Writer’s School

Introducing the Rocket City Writer's School! Do you want to learn how to be more successful as an author? Check out our self-paced online courses! Are you an author struggling with getting the word out about your books? Are you unsure about how to market your books? Have you considered setting up a crowdfunding campaign to help cover your initial costs, but don’t know where to start? My new online school will help you.

For years, I’ve worked as a professional writer, editor, author, and marketing professional. Recently, I decided I wanted to use my background, skills, and experience to help authors sell more books and to succeed. As I started to plan my new publishing business Rocket City Books, I knew that so many authors with fantastic manuscripts still need help setting up an “author platform,” they need help understanding social media marketing, and so many other things that really help sell books. That’s when I came up with the idea for the Rocket City Writer’s School. It’s an online school that integrates video lectures, printed materials, and online course notes to provide self-paced training. I jumped in.

Today I launched one new course aimed at helping authors with one of the most critical aspects of running a successful writing business: setting up a good author’s website.

Introducing the Rocket City Writer's School! Do you want to learn how to be more successful as an author? Check out our self-paced online courses!

I am always surprised at how many authors I meet who tell me they don’t have a website. I consider a good website so critical to every marketing effort for any professional writer that I chose this topic for my first online class. The self-paced class will walk authors through analyzing other author websites to see what is effective, what is not effective, and what types of information would be useful, fun, and engaging on your own website. We’ll discuss all of the information you MUST have on your websites (obviously your books, but also information about you and how to contact you), plus information that is not essential but extremely helpful if you’re serious about selling your books. I also think building an email list is so important that I also go over that, as well as how to start an effective blog.

If you are new to the writing life and unsure how to proceed setting up a professional author website, check out the class link above. You can review the entire class curriculum as well as watch an introductory video about what you’ll learn. I hope that many of you will take the class, come up with some killer content for your own author website, and launch a website that will be a great marketing tool for you for years to come.

Some of the other courses I’m working on right now that will launch in the next month include:

  • How to set up an effective crowdfunding campaign for your upcoming book
  • Social media strategy for authors
  • How authors can use Pinterest to sell books and attract new fans
  • How to use Facebook groups to promote your book series
  • How to write for magazines
  • And next year, even more!

I offer discounts on new courses to my email subscribers. If you want to get the discount code to try out new courses at a discounted rate, just join my mailing list now.

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