Wildflowers of America Grayscale Coloring Book

By Jennifer Pinkley

There are so many beautiful wildflowers across the United States and grayscale coloring allows you to pour some of yourself into photos of some beautiful and amazing flowers. About ten years ago, Jennifer Pinkley started to take photos of magical and inspirational places places she visited on her many backpacking, hiking, and camping trips all over the country. One of her special interests is photographing wildflowers. She’s accumulated thousands of photographs, and has printed out and framed many of them. She also wanted to start trying to recreate some of the photos as drawings, but found the drawing process intimidating. How do you start? What colors should you use?

That’s when she discovered grayscale drawing. By printing out grayscale images of her wildflower photos then coloring them in with colored pencils, she was able to actually create drawings of some of her favorite wildflower photos. With colored pencils, it’s easy and fun to change the color scheme, use vibrant colors not in the original photo, and simply use your imagination. Grayscale coloring is fun, rewarding, relaxing, and creative. Now she wants to share her favorite images with you.

This coloring book includes over 40 of Jennifer’s favorite wildflower images. If you would like to see the original images, as well as each grayscale image includes in the coloring books, just visit Wildflowers of America: the images.

Where to buy this book

This book is available for $9.99 on Amazon. Prime shipping is available. Give it a try!

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